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Among the sciences, biotechnology is perhaps one of the widest subjects covering areas such as the study of cells, genetic material organisms and microorganism in relation to how they apply to agriculture, medicine, industries and any other area of life. We probably know some giants who left indelible marks in the field of biotechnology including Robert Koch, Alexander Fleming, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin and Joseph Lister.

All biotechnological courses require that a student is thoroughly examined and show their knowledge of the different concepts through a number of assignments. At EssayClues, we provide biotechnology assignment help; thanks to our highly quailed Ph.D. writers who can ensure you get the score you deserve.

Our assignment help services cover the important areas of biotechnology such as:

  • Bio-informatics: Study related on the use of software and computer related models for the analysis of biological molecules such as RNA, DNA, and proteins among others.
  • Microbiology: Analyzing different types of microorganisms such as bacteria, protozoa and virus and how the relate with different processes.
  • Bio-processing: How the knowledge of biotechnology can be employed to enhance the manufacture of products for use in agriculture, medicine, and brewing industries.
  • Genetics: The analysis of different factors associated with DNA such as genes, mutation, and heredity.
  • Bio-robotics: Students learn to develop robots that can emulate different biological functions in living beings.
  • Agricultural biotechnology: Study focuses on the development of genetically modified plants that have enhanced yields, nutritional value and pest resistance.

There are several other significant topics such as environmental biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, and chemical engineering.

Biotechnology as career

Students who choose careers in the field of biotechnology have such great job opportunities in a wide variety of sectors including dairy industries, pharmaceutical industries, alcoholic beverage industries, food processing industries, agricultural industries and the research sector among others.

Some of the most relevant departments will include research and development, testing, operations, quality assurance and technical writing. There are vast technological developments in this field of study that provide openings for students from across the world to enter this lucrative field.

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