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When you choose to undertake an MBA or any course associated with commerce, you unwittingly choose the finance subject. You cannot become marketable to potential employers in banking institutions, financial advisors or regulatory organizations unless you are able to display your thorough knowledge in this subject.

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Types of Finance:

There are a number of sub-divisions of the Finance subject that every student is required to master proficiently.

The four main divisions are:

  • Corporate finance: Addresses different long term and short term financial practices of companies in areas such as capital structure, funding, and financial resources.
  • Personal finance: Refers to money-related decisions that people make dealing with personal activities such as mortgage, loan, savings, taxation and insurance etc.
  • International finance: Different financial dealings and undertakings have a direct impact on international business; this category addresses issues such as Forex trade and foreign investments.
  • Public Finance: Addresses matters relating to how governments make and spend money.
  • Behavioral finance: This is the newest area in Finance that addresses matters relating to psychologically based theories and practices in relation to the stock market inconsistencies. Other related issues include consumer behavior in addition to entrepreneurship practices.

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Topics related to Finance Based Assignments

We have a huge repertoire of satisfied and highly successful international students that we have successfully guided in writing finance assignments. Our experts routinely solve complex subjects including:

  •     Working capital management
  •     Cash flow statement analysis in finance
  •     Mergers and acquisitions
  •     Techniques associated with risk management
  •     Portfolio management
  •     Analysis of a firm’s financial performance
  •     International flow of funds
  •     Derivatives related to finance
  •     Venture capital and private equity
  •     Sensitivity analysis
  •     Exchange rates

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