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History and Historiography
History has its origins in the Greek word ‘historia’ and simply means information gotten through research. In history, students study and analyze that past activities of humans, in particular, timelines as well as any forces that affected that past. Some of the important elements associated with it include social practices, civilizations, social practices, economy and culture in addition to wars and international relations.

Historiography, on the other hand, mainly refers to the study and analysis of historical writings. Students are assisted to understand history as presented from the perspective of different writers.

Different Approaches in Historiography
The way different historians look at history is an integral part of historiography, students learn how to assemble and analyze facts with evidence of history and this forms the different approaches of historiography. Some of the most recognized approaches of historiography include:

Marxist Historiography: Also called materialistic historiography, it was founded on the Marxist philosophy.

Prosopography: Explains the use of statistics in the study of biographies

  • Historiography of Cold War
  • Historiography of the French Revolution
  • Historiography of the causes of World War 1
  • Historiography of the United States
  • Historiography of Early Islam
  • Historiography of the fall of the Mughal Empire
  • Historiography of China

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Different areas of history
Students can specialize on different historical approaches when taking the history course with some of the most prominent areas being:

  • Social history: Concerned with the social customs, habits, and practices that are common to people who lived in a particular era that is being studied.
  • Political history: Deal with political affairs such as political families, wars, political figures, political controversies, monarchies and different ruling styles
  • Cultural history: Explains how different cultural experiences from different eras have affected the history of the world; some of the cultural traditions studied here combine history with anthropology.
  • Military history: This area trains its focus on wars, military strategies, and modifications in relation to weaponry.
  • Economic history: The study of numerous economic theories and statistical methods so as to form the basis for economic history. Some of the core subjects include living standards, production and labor and how society has been divided based on personal incomes during different eras of the world.
  • Religious history: Deals with the origin and growth of different religious groups in different parts of the world are studied in this field; it also deals with the impact of religion on the social and cultural condition of people groups.
  • Art history: The field of study focuses on various forms of art coming from different timelines and how they have impacted society and vice versa.

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Some other forms of historical studies:

  • Digital history: The use of computational methods to discover and understand published sources
  • Paleography: Comparison of ancient texts coming from all over the world.
  • Psychohistory: Studying to understand different psychological motives that may have initiated important world events.

Stages of History:
For ages history has been segmented into three sections namely ancient, medieval and modern; this was informed by a linear narrative that was used to describe history in relation to any major forces that had an impact in that era and beyond. Our company provides history assignment assistance that covers all the stages of history.

Other Characteristics of History Study:
Some of the most important segments of modern history cover important areas of Europe especially because some major historians came from this region. There are current historians who don’t totally agree with the unilinear form of history as known by many as ancient, medieval and modern for their own reasons.

A great amount of post-colonial history addresses itself on nations that were under European colonial rule; South Asian history, for instance, becomes a description of British Empire in India. It is in the same vein that Latin American History becomes a description of the Latin American nations after colonization by Portugal and Spain. Our assignments help experts have all these facts at their fingertips.

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