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With its global and universal application, Maths is a compulsory subject in the student world. There are a few brave students who choose to take maths as a major in college as well as in their doctoral research. There are several other subjects that employ Maths such as chemistry, physics, economics, and accountancy and computer science among others. Maths also gives students that capacity to solve different questions that require reasoning. EssayClues are the leading providers of Maths assignment help for students from every part of the globe.

Areas of Mathematics

There are important areas in mathematics that include:

  • Geometry: This section is concerned with properties of figures such as area, shape, size and volume; the figures could be two or three dimensional.
  • Algebra: Issues to do with numbers alongside mathematical symbols as well as their different types of manipulations. Students here deal with polynomials, equations, rings, groups and fields all of which are important divisions of mathematics.
  • Physical Applied Mathematics: This area involves itself with the way mathematics can be applied in science and engineering in addition to new models of maths.
  • Number theory: Dealing with whole and natural numbers as well as any complicated systems that are associated with them as far as mathematics is concerned.

Other specialty areas include analysis, combinatory and theoretical computer science where our different math professionals are competent enough to assist the students in accomplishing some of their assignments, thesis or even Ph.D. dissertations.

Some of the topics covered in assignments include:

  •     Trigonometry
  •     Mathematical analysis
  •     Statistics
  •     Calculus
  •     Probability
  •     Permutation and combination
  •     Matrix analysis
  •     Graph theory
  •     Differential equations
  •     Logarithms

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